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Ref: TGS-R7

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Restaurant Information


Sultan Club is glad to welcome the guests at new, delightful restaurant "Palmyra" where everyone will feel the unforgettable atmosphere and take pleasure of refined cuisine!
Surrounded with beautiful greens, the restaurant gives a feeling of harmony and the heavenly spot filled with magnificent music.
Take pleasure in the pleasant company in a wonderful place and leave unforgettable impressions tasting gorgeous menu of fresh breakfast or lunch!




  • Mini roll of fried goat cheese with tomato jam 5€
  • Japanese style chicken gyoza with sweet&sour sauce 5€
  •  Oxtail homemade croquettes or king prawns pil-pil 5€
  •  Mini timbale of fried eggs with Iberian ham 7€
  •  Mini burguer of hake and crustaceans with cilantro sour cream 7€ 
  • Foie escalope with fruit sponge cake and wild blackberry sauce 6€
  • “Tortillas” of shrimp chips 2€/unit
  • Potato salad with king prawns and melva fish 5€


  • Iberian ham with bread 22 €
  • Foie micuit strudel, apple and caramelized goat cheese  14 €
  •  Classic salmorejo with ham and egg  8 €
  • Avocado and mango salad with salmon, king prawns on pineapple carpaccio 12 €
  • Caesar salad with crunchy chicken and parmesan cheese 12 €
  • Tomato and buffalo mozzarella with red pesto and rucola 12 €
  • Grilled vegetables with iberian ham 12 €
  •  Tuna tataky with wakame algae salad and ponzu sauce  16 €
  •  Beef carpaccio with parmesan flakes and balsamic reduction 15 € 
  • Grilled octopus leg with paprika spiced potatoes 16 €


  • Diabola tagliatelle with prawns 15€
  • Pumpkin capelli with gorgonzola cheese sauce 14€
  • Mushrooms risotto with parmesan cheese crisps and truffle aroma 15€
  • ‘Meloso’ of prawns and choco with black garlic aioli  16€
  • Crab ravioli with seafood sauce 15€


  • Monkfish steak braised with artichokes in green sauce 22€
  • Grilled squid on vegetables in kabayaki sauce 20€
  • Grilled salmon with vegetables and lemon lime spheres 19€
  •  Sea bass loin with cassava charcoal and vizcaina sauce 22€


  • Entrecote Robespierre seasoned with rosemary and green pepper 22€
  • Tandoori chicken brochette with aromatic rice 18€
  • French rack of roast lamb with mint sauce and aromatic rice 21€
  •  Sirloin of beef with iberian potatoes 24€
  • Iberian pork cheek with sweet wine sauce and mirepoix of vegetables 19€


  • Chocolate hemisphere with fruit coulis 7€ 
  • Chocolate coulant with mint ice cream 7€
  • Parfait ice cream with caramel and caramelized almonds| 7€
  • Strawberries sauteed with green pepper and vanilla ice cream 7€
  • ‘Tocino de cielo’ with coconut mouuse 7€
  • Selection sorbets: Cactus, limoncello, mojito, mango, lemon and raspberry 7€
  • Ice Creams: Mascarpone, mint and chocolate, licorice, Malaga wine, nougat, arabica coffee, cinnamon and green tea 7€

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