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Amusement Park in Costa del Sol

Activity - Spain , Benalmadena

Ref: TGS-AC36

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Amusement Park Tivoli (Tivoli World)

Tivoli World (Tivoli World) - a beautiful amusement park, located in the center of the resort town of Benalmadena in Spain. Moreover, it is the only entertainment center on the Costa del Sol, which has the status of an amusement park. And indeed, he has an impressive array of attractions, both for children of any age, and for their parents. It is ideal for a family holiday, because besides the attractions there are many green lawns and trees, as well as beautiful fountains that allow you to cool off from the rays of the hot southern sun.

Speaking about the infrastructure of the Tivoli Wold Park, it should be noted that it is equipped with a variety of restaurants and cafeterias, as well as points of sale of drinks and sweets, allowing you to have fun all day on its territory.
Amusement Park Tivoli World

Tivoli Wold Park has a full range of attractions, corresponding to its status. There are roller coasters, a ferris wheel, and the Castle of Horrors. We should also highlight the descent from the impressive height of the canoe along the chute with water. Ride on this attraction is better in swimwear. At the service of the youngest visitors, riding on typewriters moving on rails or walking in the saddle on a graceful horse, carefully led by a park employee. Older visitors who love thrills will also find attractions to their liking. Among the most popular attractions are the following:

    The free fall tower offers you a breathtaking free fall from a height of 60 meters.
    The Tokaido attraction offers you a ride on a high-speed Japanese train.
    The Poseidon attraction is one of the favorite entertainment of children and offers an exciting boat trip.
    The giant Ferris wheel will allow you to look into all the remote corners of the park.
    Attraction Train of Terror for thrill-seekers.
    Karting, where you can compete with your friends.
    Riding on the pond in circles equipped with real Honda motors.
    A ship with a floor stretching out from under its feet, a journey through which is carried out in complete darkness.
    Many other attractions, of which the park has more than 40 units.

In short, the Tivoli World amusement park is one of the best leisure activities for children and adults and, no doubt, one of the attractions of the resort town of Benalmadena in Spain.

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